Regret is a Wasted Emotion
Regret is defined by Oxford Dictionary online as “a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do.” By that definition I should be regretful over a significant number of things that have happened in my life so far. But here’s the thing, everything that has happened up to now falls into one of two categories as far as I’m concerned. Awesome – I am so lucky to have had that experience. Learning opportunity – I am so lucky to have learned from that experience. As far as regretting things that you have failed to do, I call bullshit. If I feel like if there is something left undone, I will add to to my bucket list now. And my bucket list is not some arbitrary page filled with things I might do someday. It is an evergreen list of things that I have every intention of accomplishing… (9 comments)

Don’t Be a Hater: The True Cost of Envy and Self-Loathing
I have an entire list of potential blog topics, but am currently not feeling inspired by any of them. Some of my topic ideas are things that really matter to the world as a whole, topics like personal wellness and social justice. Others not so much, like my thoughts on my favourite Netflix shows or my overwhelming love of paddle boarding. These things are simply entertainment. I enjoy the topics and share them in the hope that they will make someone smile. However, my heart lies in those things that truly matter, like the undeniable fact that envy and self-loathing are destroying our world and narcissist are capitalizing on it. So today, instead of delving into one of my momentarily uninspiring ideas, I share the one thing that makes me shake my head the most often. People’s overwhelming desire to quantify and qualify their lives by belittling, judging, and analyzing the lives of others. People who clearly have no life of their own.… (21 comments)

Dear Moms of Millennials
I am proud to share the first ever guest post on Dogs, Wine and Travel from my beautiful daughter Stephanie. As with all three of my incredible millennial daughters, she makes me proud every day! I may have shed a tear or two at her thoughtful and reflective words. Enjoy!… (9 comments)

5 Simple Mindfulness Tricks to Keep you Sane at Work
Mindfulness is a pretty significant buzz word right now. Everywhere you go someone is talking about the benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness based meditation. As a nurse and yoga teacher, mindfulness is part of my practice, because at their core, yoga and meditation are mindfulness strategies. But mindfulness does not need to be time consuming or complex, it can be as simple as taking a conscious breath and noticing what is happening in the now. It is about learning to be alert to the present, and letting go of the unchangeable past and mysterious future, both things that are completely out of our control. By teaching ourselves to be genuinely present in each moment we can reduce anxiety and stress, increase productivity, improve overall health and wellness, and have stronger more connected relationships.… (33 comments)